First grade writing activities for valentines

Then the kids sort their hearts by color.

Valentine’s Day Literacy Activities for First Grade

What would you learn about the making of chocolate? A different spin on this concept would be to supply the students with the supplies and the money, then let them set up their own store and sell their ready made cards or crafts to their classmates. These can be hung from an even larger heart shape, or a piece of red construction paper cut in half vertically.

Write about a time when you felt loved. Add a red bow. I've got something for you that you don't want to miss, So just pucker up and give me a great big kiss! Provide small slips of paper and a basket.

1st Grade Valentine Crafts

Would they appreciate them? And so to make sure that you'll remember me this way, I've made this heart just for you on Valentine's Day! What about a cow, a snake, or a slug?

Fall Worksheets

How might the holiday be different? Manipulating Sounds I know what you're thinking.


This math-based station requires students to decorate a headband. Two adjectives that describe your topic Line 3: Then I tried just two sounds.

There are three ways we do this: I learned so much from each student I tutored and having that opportunity to work one-on-one allowed me to really concentrate on each individual reader. They had to glue the candies to the paper.

Valentine's Day Writing for First Grade

So stand up if it's you! This idea my TA tried out last year.

Ten Free Things for Valentine’s Day

As long as students sign their names on the cards, the recipient will know who the valentine is from. It can be as simple as "I think you are nice. Fold the rectangle in half. It's always hard to scramble to make cute crafts for parents for holidays and this one students just write, color, cut, and glue to make something for their valentine mom, grandma, aunt, etc.

For this craft, you can have students write about Groundhog Day OR have them make a prediction as to whether or not he will see his shadow and write about that as an opinion piece.Jan 08,  · Candy Heart Probability from The First Grade Parade. Estimate and count how many conversation hearts can fit into a big heart.

We did ours as a class and then figured out the difference. Feb 11,  · Here's a quick post on Valentine's Day. I'm off to Target to find a few goodies for Valentine's!

I'm not doing too much for students. My thought is they will get enough sweets as it is and with V Day being on Tuesday, I'll be the one living with the aftermath all week long.

Feb 26,  · 1st Grade Valentine Crafts Valentines Day These crafts are perfect for a writing extension of your Valentine. Valentine s production for his first grade class card exchange.

Running with Crafts Valentines for First Grade. First Grade Writing Activities. By the time students reach the first grade, many are eager to learn how to use letters to form more words. With the first grade writing activities prepared by below, students will be able to create poetry, a family cookbook, and even a.

Share these Valentine's Day resources with your students to take them beyond the cards and chocolate. There are resources for all grade levels and in a variety of subjects: world languages, American history, math, ESL/ELL, Family and Consumer Science, and others.

Valentine's Day Worksheets We've got Valentine's Day worksheets for all ages here, ranging from some simple tracing worksheets for younger children to some serious coordinate plotting for older kids, all with a Valentines theme.

First grade writing activities for valentines
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